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    Government & Education

    Van Doorne represents several government and education entities. We know the ins and outs of the public and semi-public sectors. We can help you determine your strategy and advise you on the legal options and implications.

    Finding common ground

    Increasingly, the Dutch public and semi-public sectors are subject to strict and complex regulations. National and local government institutions are confronted with more far-reaching governance requirements, while European and national regulations as well as supervisors and regulators limit their room for maneuver. At the same time, citizens are becoming more empowered and demanding. The internet, and especially social media, can suddenly put organisations in the limelight. Economic progress and environmental protection have been in conflict with each other for a long time.

    Local authorities are forced to take on more responsibilities, while simultaneously complying strictly with the relevant rules and regulations. It is therefore becoming harder for opposing interests to find common ground. The same may be said for the world of education, which is constantly under scrutiny by the public and has to deal with rapid legal changes.

    We will, as the office of the State lawyer, monitor trends and developments closely, and we will explain the legal context to you.

    Extensive practice knowledge

    We are familiar with the public and semi-public sector. Our firm’s expertise includes public tenders, organizing partnerships and legal mergers, public governance and financing issues, privatisations in the public and semi-public sector, administrative law, matters relating to government grants, extensive knowledge of sector regulations and state aid.

    We have an in-depth knowledge of tax aspects, research funding, co-determination and remuneration policies. And if needed, we possess a wealth of experience in the field of litigation, in both administrative and civil proceedings.

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