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    Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) Law

    Many technology-related contracts involve so many issues that it is easy to get bogged down in details and therefore overlook important issues. Van Doorne has been assisting organisations when contracting IT, means of communication and other technology for many years.

    IT contracting process

    Innovation and technology may bring us major advantages but they can also completely disrupt existing business operations. It is, therefore, important that the contracting process is dealt with professionality, to use your own contract templates whenever possible, to improve and use your negotiating position and to specifically address the most important issues when you have to assume the supplier’s general terms and conditions.

    Extensive experience

    We have been assisting numerous organisations for years now with the contracting of IT, means of communication and other technology. Examples include consultancy agreements, consultancy contracts and implementation agreements, licences, maintenance, SaaS and other cloud agreements, development agreements (both cascading and agile) and outsourcing contracts.

    We devote particular attention to innovation in regulated markets such as the financial sector (FinTech) and the healthcare sector (HealthTech). Therefore, we know all about legal issues concerning the use of blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) within your business operations. We can also help you to set up data-driven business processes to enable you to keep cybersecurity risks as controllable as possible.

    More information

    Naturally, we are happy to assist you with individual processes but most of the added value is generated when we work together on improving your procurement process alongside your legal experts, buyers and account and contract managers. And when things don't go as smoothly as anticipated, you can make use of our conflict-resolving experience. We can also help you to become more efficient yourself.

    Please contact Bart van Reeken if you wish to exchange thoughts about how you can improve your contracting process or if you need assistance in the short term to realise a contract or to resolve a conflict.