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    Employee participation

    Business owners regularly have to deal with a participation body - a works council or an employee representative body or meeting - in all sorts of situations. Van Doorne offers advice and guidance to participation bodies with regard to rights and obligations.

    National and cross-border body

    If you, as a business owner, are dealing with a participation body, advice and guidance are vital. The business may also have a communal, central or group works council or a European works council.

    Our team of specialists offers businesses advice and guidance in setting up participation bodies and they give advice about the rights and obligations that ensue from the Works Councils Act [Wet op de ondernemingsraden] and the administration of justice based on that. We also litigate about employee participation issues during mergers and acquisitions, changes to pension schemes and reorganisations.

    Business law, tax law and pension law

    Furthermore, we regularly offer advice to works councils, participation councils, client councils at authorities, healthcare and educational institutions and housing corporations about their role, for instance, or about their rights in terms of information, advice and consent. When it comes to advice about employee participation, we work alongside colleagues who specialise in business law, tax law and pension law so you can expect an expedient approach.

    More information

    If you have any questions or would like to receive more information on our approach to participation bodies, please contact Els de Wind.