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    Directors and governance

    The employment-law position of directors under the articles of association requires special attention. We have plenty of experience with advising directors and businesses about the legal side of employment and company law.

    The employment-law position of a director

    The employment-law position of a director under the articles of association deviates from that of ‘normal’ employees. Directors have an employment-law connection with their employers as well as a company-law connection because they were appointed under the articles of association. We assist both directors and businesses in cases of appointment and dismissal and about terms and conditions of employment.

    One example is the shareholder of a private or public limited company or the supervisory board of a healthcare institution that wishes to start or end an employment relationship with a director or, indeed, a director who is faced with dismissal himself.

    Governance issues

    We also offer advice about governance-related issues such as the best way for a management board to structure supervision at a business. We are the trusted consultant of businesses and directors, also for slightly more sensitive issues such as internal business audits.

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    We have extensive experience with advice and litigation about the issues surrounding directors and governance and we regularly publish articles about the latest developments in professional journals. Curious about how we can assist you with issues in the fields of directors and governance? Please contact Els de Wind or Steven Sterk.