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    Defence Counsel

    People make mistakes, even professionals and directors and officers. That does not necessarily mean that they are liable for any damages others (claim to) incur. Quite often it is even the question whether the professional or D&O made any mistake at all. The (disappointing) fact that clients or shareholders did not achieve their goals, or a company goes bankrupt may have many - different - causes.

    As our abilities to understand, predict and control the world around us increase, clients, stakeholders and other third parties seem to find it increasingly difficult to accept bad luck. Claims against professionals - or service providers more in general - and D&O’s are more common and more public. The impact can be huge.

    Van Doorne has a leading practice in professional liability. We are especially well known for our assistance to legal professionals, such as civil law notaries, attorneys at law and tax lawyers (and their firms) in alleged malpractice claims. Our expertise in relation to accounting and financial experts and financial institutions also stands out. As a multi service firm we are perfectly equipped to defend other professionals as well, such as architects, trustees in bankruptcy, health care institutions and IT service providers.

    In an increasingly stringent regulatory climate and with risk management high on the agenda - in which climate change and cyber pose new challenges - D&O’s face many dilemmas. Our wealth of experience in D&O liability cases and corporate litigation, helps us to to advise D&O’s how to navigate these dilemma's and to defend them against any claims. We are instructed by managing and supervisory directors (or their insurers) of both corporate and not for profit entities in local and cross border cases.

    Next to our court litigators, the firm's arbitration and mediation teams assist professionals and D&O’s in relation to conflict management in general and specifically the possibilities of arbitration and mediation.